21 | nb | gay

fat dfab genderweird
white and abled
poor and canadian

heavy is the head that wears the bow

also: i don’t want to be the only fat person in a group of people anymore. i hope there are fat people who will be working at the reitmans in fredericton. i hope i won’t be the only fat person again. i am surrounded by thin people and i HATE IT.

i am SO SICK of seeing thin ppl reblog other thin ppl over and over and over again. i don’t care if it’s somebody reblogging their friends, i am so tired of seeing thin bodies on my dash…….idk i should probably blacklist “thin” but like??? idk. it doesn’t feel right. writing all of this doesn’t even seem right, so thanks, thin people, for making me uncomfortable with expressing my anger at how people prioritize thin bodies over fat ones.

ok i guess just tag “thin bodies” for me please

bard!!! bard!!!

omg!!! yessss



If the Rock is playing Shazam do you know what that means?

Maybe, just maybe…

They will cast a little brown boy as Billy Batson.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?


ideal aesthetic: glinda the good witch surrounded by pugs

What RPG class would you assign me?
I TOLD YOU. i told you. it there. it;s real

leo/raph is extremely real and extremely concerning. splinter, talk to your kids.

also karai/april/casey

i haven’t met casey yet but i’m excited!!! also im shipping leatherhead/mikey and baxter stockman/most of the other villains tbh

he does sort of at one point??? but it;s not nearly as clear a message as i would have liked it

that’s good but i think we are talking about different boundaries here

karai is really good but should be being gay w/ april instead of a nonsensical love interest for leo

YES. also, splinter needs to have a talk about boundaries with his sons


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