21 | nb | gay

fat dfab genderweird
white and abled
poor and canadian

heavy is the head that wears the bow

Things I want from DC:


A comic of Ted giving a TED talk. With him making a lot of lame jokes about TED talks being named after him. Every slide he presents has a picture of himself, each one a more ridiculous glamor shot than the last.

im lacey in corner gas, this feeling is intense and deep

today im just in a really weird mood. i guess ive been kinda spacey all morning, and now i only want to eat one thing. hrrhrhrm.

trying to find who does the best cheapest garlic fingers in riverview so i can devour them because thats currently the only thing i want to eat

i like being called a girl but i don’t like being called a lady or a woman…i don’t like when people say “girls” to refer to me and other people though, especially when those other people are women who are older than me.

and sometimes they’re not even really trying to lose weight they just know that they have to rationalize every decision they make in regards to food/activity to thin people in order to not be judged as gross and lazy.
so part of me is mad and the other part of me is like “i wish you didn’t think you had to feel this way im so sorry!!!!”

YEAH EXACTLY!!! and all i can do is hope that being positive about being fat will help them realize they don’t have to feel that way…

ME OMFG this post is my life

like??? i want to be around more fat ppl but there’s a high likelihood that at LEAST half of them are going to be trying to lose weight at any point in time, that is ALWAYS how it is, and there is nothing i can do to change that because i can’t change years and years of societal pressure to be thin!!!

luv seeing fat ppl talk about losing weight. luv it. thanks for that.

pop punk is much more relevant now that im 21 than when i was 13 and that scares me


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